77 minutes | Dec 28, 2019

The Art of Missing the Point 003 - It's over 9000

In this episode, we discuss Brian's odd chance of going viral on Facebook with a burn on the President, Ask who's the asshole (shout-out to bagels), and discuss some really odd things you can buy on Wish.com.  Please send us your suggestions at theartofmissingthepoint at gmail.com.  Weird Wish stuff we found in this episode:  Battleplugs: https://www.wish.com/wishlist/5df71b25371e5235c121876a/product/5b1fff9437c3527aaf2b7171 Trump "Fuck your feelings" T-shirt: https://www.wish.com/wishlist/5df71b25371e5235c121876a/product/5be39d2eea2c804de183eb4f Trump 2020 funny money: https://www.wish.com/wishlist/5df71b25371e5235c121876a/product/5d8476175bfdbf0aa83157ef What the hell is this camera: https://www.wish.com/wishlist/5df71b25371e5235c121876a/product/5cd2cce731999640378f0e9d Wriggle your worm T-shirt: https://www.wish.com/wishlist/5df71b25371e5235c121876a/product/5942b8170dc596546a475209 Follow us on all your social media networks, and on Patreon. Thanks for listening!
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