65 minutes | Dec 17, 2019

The Art of Missing the Point 001 - Wacky Flamethrower Wish Drumming Tubeman

The Art of Missing the Point is a comedy podcast, presented by Ruth, Lex, and Brian -- 3 friends on a quest to help you understand the Art of Missing the Point, through observations of life, both real and digital.  In this episode, we discuss Denver's goth scene, ask if drummers are the assholes, and explore some strange items you can purchase on Wish.com.  Music mentioned: Clan of Xymox -- http://www.clanofxymox.com "Am I the asshole?" segments thanks to Reddit.com and Nathan, helping us amass content.  Weird Wish.com products:  https://www.wish.com/search/flamethrower%20gun/product/589e2c0078314354dd519b15?&source=search&position=21 Send us your questions and suggestions: theartofmissingthepoint at gmail dot com Visit our Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/TAOMTP Thanks for listening! 
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