34 minutes | Jul 8th 2019

Mitchell Binder

Mitchel Binder, a Los Angeles-based designer known for his unique designs and popular brand King Baby Studio.

  • King Baby is Binder’s official jewelry line. All of the designs from King Baby Studio are handcrafted in the United States.


  • Skull rings and snake bracelets are King Baby icons, images of masculine style that are as much of a part of pop culture as any.


  • Showcasing a creative collaboration between Mitchell Binder and the artist Yelawolf.


  • The likes of Johnny Depp, Tommy Lee, Steven Tyler, Jason Momoa, and Lou Reed have all been spotted with Binder’s signature rings.


  • A move to Nashville will bring new ventures for Binder, including a new hotel resort with music venue.


To see more of what King Baby has to offer, visit the website King Baby