34 minutes | Sep 21, 2021

Jesse Elder

  Jesse Elder is an Action Philosopher, TimePiercer, author, mentor, speaker, entrepreneur and all-around lover of life. He is also the creator of Prime Light - “The World’s Most Dangerous Meditation”.   With his teachings of self-mastery, radical self-acceptance and inspired action, he focuses on helping people to live a self-authorized, productive and fulfilled life - with far less struggle than most believe possible.   Overcoming fears, developing the mindset of an influential leader, making ‘marketing and sales’ a spiritual experience, opening up to wealth and attaining greater levels of clarity and confidence are all achievable through Jesse’s simple yet incredibly effective methods and philosophies.   People often report significant positive effects after an experience with Jesse, such as big leaps in their income, reduced illness and chronic pain, greater joy, freedom and wealth of every kind - simply forgetting to be angry, stressed, depressed - and becoming more loving towards themselves and those in their lives.  
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