59 minutes | Feb 18, 2016

84) How to Properly Give Gifts Interview

Perhaps you've heard about the power of reciprocity and the power of giving gifts.  Sure, you it feels good to give gifts, and people are certainly open to helping you out when you help them out.  In this interview with John Ruhlin of Ruhlin Group, we delve deeper into the meaning and tradition behind giving a gift- how important it is for your business relationships, and how you can become a better gift giver as well!   Quick Rundown: 2:30: How John got into the referral world-when he interviewed with a guy who could sell to anyone. 14:00: Corporations are going to hate us, but here's our take on gift-giving on the holidays: don't do it! 16:00: When is a 30$ gift better than a 90$ one?  They're not even personalized necessarily.  This is key. 34:00: Everyone's looking to tell a story. 40:25: How John got through to a difficult client with a very personalized gift. 51:30: Should you ask for a referral when you give your gift?  Don't!  


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