65 minutes | Sep 1st 2020

#95: Fitting Health & Fitness Into Your Life w/ Courtney Dunham (Encore)

Encore! In this episode you will be reintroduced to Courtney Denham. Courtney is the CEO of Wilderness Athlete and Outdoorsmans. Courtney loves cross-fit, her dogs and all things that make fitness and nutrition easier and more enjoyable. In her interview, Courtney shares her passion of her craft and some amazing hacks listeners have been asking for. From the show: Get your 10% off from the amazing Wilderness Athlete supplement and nutritional line by using the discount code: TAGYST - you won’t be disappointed, the Danielson and Gribble household’s are obsessed. www.wildernessathlete.com - 10% discount code: TAGYST www.outdoorsmans.com  IG follows: @wilderness_athlete @outdoorsmans @courtneymaedenham
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