58 minutes | Aug 18th 2020

#94: Stop BS-ing Yourself and Embrace the Suck w/Jeremy Scott (Encore)

This encore episode is real talk served straight up. We feel so fortunate to bring you our interview we had with Jeremy Scott, owner and operator of Jeremy Scott Fitness. Jeremy is an expert in his field and while his no BS delivery is raw and direct, it is so real and relatable. In the interview you hear how Jeremy’s take on how mindset affects your habits, health or lack of it. What it means to be consistent and how delayed gratification is the key to propel you to where you want to be. You will also learn how Jeremy had to reverse engineer his diet to gain back his health. Moved across the country with only a few dollars in his pocket to only get knocked down by what seemed like every employer in town. Which then led to him learning how to leverage his strengths in the health and fitness arena. Jeremy’s consistency and ability to get our of his own way has led him to a life he could not have dreamt of years ago. Jeremy shares all that and so much more, you are in for a treat!  Find Jeremy everywhere under Jeremy Scott Fitness and @jeremyscottfitness
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