73 minutes | Feb 21, 2020

AOA 031: Cultivating Intentionality and a Growth Mindset in Your Allowance Program - With Guests Mark and Kimberlee Barnes

Are you looking for ideas to incorporate into your allowance program? Then you’ll enjoy my conversation with Mark and Kimberlee Barnes, the “Not So Perfect Parents.” Mark and Kimberlee are both educators — Mark is a school administrator and Kimberlee is an elementary technology specialist. In this episode, they discuss their implementation of The Art of Allowance program with their family of four — three boys and one girl. True to the purpose of my book and this podcast, they share their struggles and successes on the road to raising money-smart kids. You’ll see how they’ve made the program their own and I hope you’ll find more than a few takeaways that you can implement in your own allowance program.
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