64 minutes | Dec 5, 2019

AOA 028: How to Have More Fun and Less Stuff This Holiday Season with Guests Guinevere Higgins and Kelley Dennings of New Dream

The Holidays are here and we can help you shift the focus from things to experiences with great advice from New Dream. In this episode, I talk to Guinevere Higgins and Kelley Dennings of New Dream. New Dream is a non-profit whose mission is to empower individuals, communities and organizations to transform the ways they consume to improve well-being for people and the planet.   Guinevere is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at New Dream. She is an ardent believer in the ability of individuals and communities to take action and ownership to make positive change. She finds the strategic partnerships necessary to support transformational activities on the community level.   Kelley Dennings spent 15 years in the recycling industry and now works with the Center for Biological Diversity, focusing on consumption's effects on wildlife and habitat. She works at the intersection of health, environment and social change, and serves on New Dream's Advisory Council.   We are releasing this episode during the Holidays because the focus of much of our discussion is about how to enjoy a season with more fun and less stuff. Also, a quick note. I should have had Guinevere step away from the mike a bit as her voice distorts from time to time. Entirely my bad, but this episode has so much good stuff that I hope you can ignore this production issue and enjoy the content.
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