60 minutes | Apr 22nd 2020

Wide Open: Three Archetypal Processes of Evolution

Amidst this pandemic we are feeling all the feels. It’s exhausting, it’s confounding, it’s scary and undoubtedly it’s changed life as we know it forever.   In this episode we dive into the archetypal catalysts of three tarot cards, Death/Rebirth, Judgement and The World. We unpack how these relate to the corona virus pandemic and how they can provide insight into our individual and collective opportunities for a pretty big leap in evolution.   We present questions that can help us process what is going on and discover our part in this evolutionary process.  We finish with an idea for an exercise to open ourselves and attune to the inspiration of beauty even in these dark times. **Note** This recording contains coarse  language as well as humor.  If the idea of death, is overwhelming for you, consider saving this episode for later.  We don’t present anything graphic but we do reference metaphorical death and rebirth as a part of the evolution/growth process. If that's too much right now, we get it - all of our feelings and experiences are heightened as we navigate this crisis and the last thing we want is to make it worse. We send you aloha and compassion.  We named the episode Wide Open based on the title of a painting created by Cyndera's friend Angela Han.  The painting itself was inspired by a song of the same name written by Cyndera and her husband, Joro.  Both song and painting were created in the last month amidst the covid-19 pandemic. Look for a bonus episode with more info. We hope you find inspiration and hope you’ll reach out to us on social media or by email.  For a photo of the painting and links and references visit the show page here: https://archetypaltarot.podbean.com/e/wide-open-three-archetypal-processes-of-evolution/ Journal / exercise / exploration or card spread prompts: Death-Rebirth  Endings, cycles of transformation, change, new beliefs, new awareness , renewal  (Reversed) not wanting to move on, clinging to the past, fear of change, sentimental, end of hope, forces of destruction   Question: What are you letting go of now and how does that inform your dream of the future?    Judgment self realization and understanding, spiritual awakening, knowing motives, transparency, a reckoning, epiphany  (Reversed) hiding - shadow material   Question: What part of yourself in this crisis needs to be “un-judged” by acceptance in order to feel more whole?    The World  Completion, wholeness, new levels of consciousness, (Reversed) short cuts, a need to follow through, unmet dreams, a need  to stay focused to complete a task.    Questions: What does your beautiful future look like?  Are you able to envision a future where our world has evolved SO much for the better?    Beauty Journal Hat tip to the Metaphysical Milkshake podcast and Dr. Rhett Diessner for this idea. Every week make note of something beautiful in each of these four categories: -A beautiful design -Something beautiful in nature -Something morally beautiful -A beautiful idea   References, Resources & Links: ✨ Angela Han, artist https://www.angelahanart.com/  IG&FB @angelahanart ✨ Local Futures ✨  The Sunrise Movement ✨  Michael Meade - A Time of Transformation series ✨ New York Times article on St. Rosalia patron saint of plagues ✨ This Jungian Life episode 106 When Everything Changes ✨ Metaphysical Milkshake podcast episode on Beauty   Film & Television with Utopian themes Star Trek  Black Panther  Tomorrowland  Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Avatar Cloud Atlas The Last Station  La Belle Verte The Biggest Little Farm (documentary) The Seventh Seal  "Wide Open"  a painting by Angela Han.
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