64 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

Kitchen Table Magic with Melissa Cynova

We are getting all kinds of Witchy this October episode - we’re excited to share this conversation with Tarot bad @ss Melissa Cynova.   🕯️ Melissa is an award winning author and tarot reader from St. Louis, MO. Her latest book, Kitchen Table Magic is out now. We talk magic, the archetype of the witch, grief, toxic positivity and pumpkin spice lattes - there is more to them than you realized.  True story!  As is the case when Melissa and I together swearing happens so you have been warned - there will be f* bombs a plenty.  Follow Melissa on the socials for authentic, wise, big-hearted goodness.   As always, you can Find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @TarotPodcast Email us  at TarotPodcast@gmail.com   💞 Big thanks to our Patrons: Peter, Richard, Juniper and Rash of Stay Woke Tarot.  We appreciate your friendship and support every day!  The podcast is produced by Both/And Media Theme music by: The Lunar Group
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