53 minutes | Apr 28th 2019

Emotional Intelligence: A Conversation with Ke'oni Hanalei

Ke’oni Hanalei is an alchemist, Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner and founder of Pohala Botanicals https://www.pohala.net/ in Kula, Maui, Hawaii. Ke’oni comes from a long line of medicine holders (called Kahuna here in Hawaii), his lineage extends far, far, far back in time. He inherited sacred fern medicine wisdom his Grandmother, Kau’ikeonalani. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Ke’oni as we discuss masculine & feminine energies, emotional intelligence and what we are all called to be and do to fulfill our destinies and the destiny of the planet. Definitely follow Ke’oni on Instagram at pohala_hawaiian_botanicals - his website is pohala.net. Aloha means love. SPECIAL GIFT from Ke’oni - us the code FERN15 to receive 15% off your order through his website. Topics include: masculine & feminine energies, compassion, purpose & meaning, Emotional intelligence - feeling the feels, true expression of the Self Hawaiian Language: There is more than a little bit of Hawaiian language used in the podcast so here is a handy cheat sheet in case you need it. The Hawaiian language is contextual and relational as well as poetic. It frequently does not translate directly 'one to one' and words have multiple meanings but here is my best attempt to share the meanings of some of the words used in the podcast. Aloha: There are many meanings of aloha but my sense is that they culminate in what we call Love with a capital L. It’s worth noting that 'alo' means ‘presence’ and ‘ha' is the breath of life - so in a way it’s the recognition of sacred presence which is Love. It’s used as both hello and goodbye as well. Kapili (kah-pee-lee) : to bond, synthesis, put together, unite Kapu (kah-poo): forbidden, sacred, protected (because it’s sacred) Kūkala: proclaim Pōhala: to recover consciousness; to wake from stupor. PōHALA, to ascend. Huna: secret, hidden Kahuna: expert, priests/priestess, keeper of sacred knowledge, medicine holder 'Ike (ee-kay): wisdom Mana’o (man-na-oh): thought Kiakahi (key-ah-kah-hee): purpose & meaning Ke'oni and Julienne
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