30 minutes | Feb 12th 2021

Deja Vu - The Hierophant

It’s the year of the Hierophant - by calculation as well as last months guidance reading for 2021.  SO much Pope and a whole year to work with it. ;-) Both Cyndera and Julienne are in the process of moving, so this month we offer you a replay of our original episode on the Hierophant from 9 years ago! (January 2012)   We hope you enjoy this vintage episode and we’ll be back next month with a fresh one.    Many thanks to our generous Patrons: Peter, Janet, Richard, Juniper and Rash of Stay Woke Tarot.   We appreciate our Patrons and their support makes all of this possible.  You can find out more about the fabulous benefits of being a Patron at http://tiny.cc/tarotpodcast   This podcast is sponsored by: freerangepriestess.com  /  https://www.etsy.com/shop/FreeRangePriestess The podcast is produced by Both/And Media  Theme music by: The Lunar Group
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