47 minutes | Mar 21st 2019

Can a reading fix your life?

   If you are a regular listener you will know our guest for this episode. Melissa Cynova is first and foremost a bad ass of Tarot.  She been slinging tarot cards for 30 years -  her first book from Llewelyn press Kitchen Table Tarot is a must read for noobs and experts alike.  This is her 3rd time on the podcast because we love her so much (did I mention she is a bad ass?) and we are celebrating the publication of her new book, Tarot Elements: Five Readings to Reset Your Life.  Just get it. You can connect with her on the Instagrams or her website: melissacynova.com   And here is my conversation with Melissa.    ***WARNING*** We swear a lot in this episode.   Some stuff we talk about: Melissa’s new book, Tarot Elements: Five Readings to Reset Your Life. Ghost Dog the Way of the Warrior Cheryl Strayed, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert  Gen X whininess    We know you could have done something else with the last 40ish minutes  of your life but we are SO glad you spent it with us.     We highly encourage you to connect with Melissa on Instagram and yes, get her book!  Available at fine stores everywhere -but the vandalized copy available from her website is the best.  MelissaCynova.com     If you are listening to this in March of 2019 look for a post on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win a copy.    Big mahalos to our Patrons: Sara, Geneva, Richard, Peter,  Rash,  Alli,  & Yvonne!  Thank you!  your support makes all this happen  & you make us smile every day!    Produced by Both/And Media  Theme music by: The Lunar Group
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