16 minutes | Aug 6th 2020

Companions part I

Your listening to Scintillating Stories Featuring Companions Writhen by John McKinley Adapted for Radioplay by Intervision  Featuring the Voices of Ghislaine, Ryan of Intervision, Stephen Farbman, and Danielle May Help keep the vision alive, and consider supporting Intervision Entertainment on Patreon.com. Edited by Producer Ryan Produced by Intervision Entertainment and what happens after 2am Sound effects by soundbible.com and zapsplat.com music provided by Free Music Archive.org Artwork for the Scintillating Stories logo as well by the amazingly talented Lindsay Payton Special Thanks to Producer Kendra for encouraging our mission of sharing stories with the world. Catch more shenanigans from Intervision Entertainment on Spotify, iTunes, Podbean and Youtube…and of course on our website Intervision Entertainment.com, where you can also buy tickets to catch Scintillating Stories Live in San Diego. Oh, and please find us on all of the social media apps you use: we’re there and we are looking for you.

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