20 minutes | Oct 29, 2020

Would Jesus call you (or your church) Satan? (TAW038)

Episode 038 – Would Jesus call you (or your church) Satan? “Get behind me, Satan!” Those are the words Jesus said to Peter. Yikes! But as I survey the current landscape of Christianity, I wonder if Jesus is saying this to us, or to our churches. In this episode, I reflect on what Jesus meant when he said these words to his friend, and what they might mean for us. Show Notes Read the scripture passages for yourself. The story: Matthew 16:21-28 The background of Peter’s declaration. Matthew 16:13-20 Paul’s eloquent description of the Christian attitude toward power: Phil 2:3-11 The Hebrew root and meaning for the word Satan. May you Have the courage to let go of power, to use what you’ve been given to serve others, to use your privilege to bring more people to the table, to use your vote to speak for those who our society considers least. May you follow the peaceful path of Jesus into other-centered co-suffering love. You can also watch and share the video version on Youtube. RESOURCES & OTHER LINKS Today’s Sponsor The Wisdom of Your Heart: Discovering the God-Given Purpose and Power of Your Emotions. You can’t grow spiritually if you’re not growing emotionally. Explore the vital importance of emotional wellness and growth in your discipleship. The Wisdom of Your Heart tackles some of the myths Christians have learned about emotions, looks at emotions in scripture, what we understand about emotions in the body and the brain, and offers a process for sitting with and understanding our emotions. Available in Paperback, ebook, and Audible audiobook. Find My Stuff Get The Anchor Prayer: A Prayer and Process for Remaining Grounded in a Chaotic World – This little book is free for you by opting in to my email list. Discovering your Authentic Core Values: A Step-by-step Guide Untangle Workbook: A guided journaling process for untangling emotions and finding wisdom. Untangled Heart Course Online. Subscribe to my Email List. You’ll get a free copy of a little book called The Anchor Prayer: A Prayer & Process for Remaining Grounded in a Chaotic World. Subscribe to The Apprenticeship Way on iTunes and all other podcasting apps. Find a video version on my Youtube Channel.
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