16 minutes | Sep 7, 2020

Don’t Avoid Starting Over (TAW036)

Episode 036 – Don’t Avoid Starting Over I like knowing stuff. I like being seen as a good person. I love being an expert. Weird that I became a pastor, right? But here’s the thing. As much as I like this stuff, I’ve discovered it’s not very good for me. Turns out that being an expert doesn’t help you grow spiritually. Consider this: What you think you know about God might be getting in the way of really knowing God. Show Notes Scriptures referenced: The story of Abraham’s calling. Genesis 11:27 – 12:4 The story of Nicodemus. John 3:1-12 Two of the most famous stories in the Bible, one from the Hebrew scripture and one from the Christian gospels, tell the same exact story in different contexts. The Divine Voice invited Abram to leave behind everything he knew and head out into the unknown. The Divine Voice through Jesus invited Nicodemus to set aside what he thought he knew in order to start again spiritually. Being an expert or being comfortable can be an obstacle to spiritual growth and a deeper connection to God. Consider if God is saying, “What you think you know about Me is getting in the way of really knowing me.” If you prefer, watch and share the video version on Youtube. https://twitter.com/schelske/status/1303084395142639616 https://twitter.com/schelske/status/1303084775725391872 Other Links Mentioned Do You Need a Speaker? – Our all-online world of Zoom gatherings has made it really easy to bring in guest speakers. I’d be happy to come speak for your church, retreat, organization, or event. We can talk about spiritual growth, inner life health, emotional health, core values, navigating a polarized world as a follower of Jesus, or any number of things. Click the link and let’s talk. Find My Stuff The Wisdom of Your Heart: Discovering the God-Given Purpose and Power of Your Emotions. Discovering your Authentic Core Values: A Step-by-step Guide Untangle Workbook: A guided journaling process for untangling emotions and finding wisdom. Untangled Heart Course Online. Subscribe to my Email List. Subscribe to The Apprenticeship Way on iTunes and all other podcasting apps. Find a video version on my Youtube Channel.
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