49 minutes | Oct 20, 2020

19 - How To Get People To Pay For Your App Without It Even Being Built First From Teresa Young - Founder of TrueKonnect

To build an online course requires a whole bunch of time, dedication, effort and resources. After building it, how would you feel if no one was interested in it? You would be pretty devastated right? But that’s exactly what happens to many entrepreneurs right now in the knowledge industry. In fact this happens to a lot of entrepreneurs in many industries. They build products that they think their audience want but in fact, don’t! The same applies with apps. People invest a whole bunch of time and resources into building apps that no one uses or wants, and ultimately it fails because quite simply, they didn’t validate their idea first. So how can you validate your idea first? Well, going back to online courses for just a moment, what entrepreneurs have learnt to do is to pre-sell their course first. This means they get their ideal audience to pay for the course first before one piece of content is even made. They sell a product that hasn’t been built first! It’s genius, and really helps to validate an idea. If people want it, they’ll pay for it - that’s plenty of validation for an entrepreneur to know that they should build that course. The question on your mind I guess right now is...can you pre-sell an app? Meet Teresa Young, founder of the app TrueKonnect who talks you through the gold-standard way to get started on your ap and the answer to that game-changing question. About TrueKonnect TrueKonnect is the first of its kind that instantly “konnects” you to local beauty pros for all of your beauty needs, based on exactly what you are looking for in your next beauty professional. TrueKonnect is the most authentic way to find a hairstylist, makeup artist and many other beauty pros. It’s the new modern day word of mouth app that connects you to your ideal beauty pro based on your preferences. Asking a friend for a referral to a hairstylist or sourcing social media for the perfect beauty pro can be a disaterious hit and miss plan. Why risk the way you look and feel by asking a friend for a referral... let Truekonnect match you up to the perfect hairstylist or beauty pro based on exactly who you want, what you want, and when you want it. Ready to get started on your app? Visit www.appstarterguide.com Contact: aman@digiruu.com Instagram: @digiruu Ready to get started with TrueKonnect? Sign up for early access at truekonnect.com Connect with Teresa on Instagram: @teresalyoung Music Used: Your Choice by Alex Menco | https://alexmenco.net Music promoted by https://www.free-stock-music.com Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US
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