44 minutes | Oct 12th 2020

Krebs Cycle Horror Story | Anatomy Terms | TAPP 79

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Say the term Krebs cycle around anyone who's had a biology course and watch for signs of stress. In this episode, host Kevin Patton provides a way to make the citric acid cycle less scary by playing into the horror of it all. And we revisit the idea of a standard terminology of anatomy.

  • 00:46 | Krebs Cycle Game
  • 15:22 | Sponsored by AAA
  • 16:07| Proof of Concept
  • 25:07 | Sponsored by HAPI
  • 25:54 | Riding the Krebs Cycle
  • 35:25 | Sponsored by HAPS
  • 36:01 | Anatomical Terms Info
  • 42:33 | Staying Connected

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We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones. (Stephen King)


Krebs Cycle Game

14.5 minutes

In the first season of this podcast, Kevin talked about storytelling—especially playful storytelling—being a key tool for effective college teaching. Especially in A&P. In this first of three segments on part of the story he tells about the Krebs cycle, Kevin talks about leaning into the horror of the Krebs cycle and making a game of that.


Sponsored by AAA

1 minute

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Proof of Concept

9 minutes

Kevin tells the tale about how he came upon proof that people really do react to the Krebs cycle as if it were a horrible monster. At least under certain conditions. And, okay, it's not peer-reviewed evidence.


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1 minute

The Master of Science in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction—the MS-HAPI—is a graduate program for A&P teachers, especially for those who already have a graduate/professional degree. A combination of science courses (enough to qualify you to teach at the college level) and courses in contemporary instructional practice, this program helps you be your best in both on-campus and remote teaching. Kevin Patton is a faculty member in this program. Check it out!



Riding the Krebs Cycle

9.5 minutes

The pyruvate is forced onto a sort of metabolic Ferris wheel, despite the fact that pyruvates are getting onto this carnival ride, but the cars are empty when the wheel comes back around! But coenzyme A grabs the acetyl and forces the pyruvate into the Krebs cycle. And yes, mayhem and gore ensue.


Sponsored by HAPS

1 minute

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Variation in Anatomical Terms

6.5 minutes

Tony Weinhaus and Sara Sulaiman recently gave a workshop about variability in anatomical terms and revealed the amazing free tool AnatomicalTerms.info (ATI).

  • AnatomicalTerms.info (the resource discussed in this episode) https://www.anatomicalterms.info/ AnatoNomina (another online resource based on the Terminologia anatomica) my-ap.us/2GIBJOf
  • Terminologia anatomica 2nd edition (updated edition; also has links to other current/updated terminology lists) (TA2) fipat.library.dal.ca/ta2/
    • UPDATE: TA2 has now been officially approved by IFAA.
  • UPDATE: TA2 viewer (an easy way to navigate Terminologia Anatomica 2nd edition in an online viewer)
  • New Terminologia Anatomica: Cranium and extracranial bones of head (article going through some of the updates in the new edition) my-ap.us/3nw9Utc
  • Understanding Anatomical Latin (short booklet on basic principles of Latin as it's used in anatomical terminology) my-ap.us/3nBvgWc

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