51 minutes | Oct 22nd 2020

0204: The Human Ken Doll

This chapter seems to lay the groundwork for explaining why everyone is so quick to assume that Mandi May Jackson killed James Mulrenin. In a not-so-clear flashback, David recounts a conversation he has with an employee of Thee Dollhouse about Mulrenin's death and how it was treated by the police who visited the club. Was Mulrenin a predator who forced dancers to go home with him? Or was Mandi a willing visitor to his place that fateful night? We'll begin to find out as the book continues.  And don't forget - for more details and behind-the-scenes information on Mandi, David, and James, as well as access to episodes before they're available to the general public, become a patron at Patreon.com/angelmurder today!

The Angel at the Starlite Motel is a podcast centered around an anonymous man and his intimate encounters with ex-sex worker Mandi May Jackson, who was convicted of the 2016 murder of strip club manager Jimmy Mulrenin in 2020, as detailed in the anonymous man's book which was shared with host Adam Heath Avitable privately shortly after Mandi's sentencing. The author is convinced she was framed. The goal of this podcast is to go through his book, chapter by chapter and find out what's real and what's fiction. Will we ever find out if she's innocent? Only time will tell.

Music by Elyssa Coultas. Produced and narrated by Adam Heath Avitable. Content provided by anonymous. Content has been edited for clarity and time. Send all inquiries to angelmurderpodcast@gmail.com. Visit AngelMurder.com for more.

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