61 minutes | Dec 15, 2020

#156: Giving Back to the Community and Solving Talent Challenges with Rob Jackson

It's the holiday season and, despite Tim's 27-slide deck making a case for why we should do an Airing of Grievances-themed show, we went in another direction. On this episode, we explore a delightful tale that exists at the intersection of "Giving Back to the Community" and "Growing the Analytics Talent Pool." Rob Jackson joined the gang to be peppered with questions about the what, why, and how of his digital marketing social enterprise: WYK Digital. It's an inspiring story of breaking down some of the barriers to digital-focused jobs for underserved youth. And doing so in the middle of a pandemic, no less! For complete show notes, including links to items mentioned in this episode and a transcript of the show, visit the show page.

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