45 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

Venkat Venkataramani: The Future is Real-time

Step with Venkat into a world where data is always fresh, queries run in 1ms, and analytics engineers build web-scale, real-time data apps. As Engineering Director at Facebook, Venkat helped build the RocksDB real-time database that powered growth to 5 billion queries per second(!)—and now with his colleagues at Rockset, he's bringing that real-time database infrastructure to the rest of us. In this conversation, Tristan, Julia and Venkat explore the fundamental technological advances that are empowering analytics engineers to enter the real-time future. For full show notes and to read 6+ years of back issues of the podcast's companion newsletter, head to https://roundup.getdbt.com. The Analytics Engineering Podcast is sponsored by dbt Labs.
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