139 minutes | Jun 8th 2012

What Are the Costs of Doing Business in the Marcellus Shale?

For this week's edition of "Marcellus: The Economic Miracle", Mark Laskow examines the cost structure of the Marcellus Shale, and dissects the various fines and impact fees that are imparted on those that capitalize on the vast Marcellus resources found in the State.  Who pays the fees?  Where does the revenue get distributed?  How is the collection process enforced? Mark talks with John Hanger, the former Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, as well as Patrick Henderson, the inaugural Energy Executive for the State of Pennsylvania, about the costs involved with Marcellus, and how the industry has responded to these costs. Plus, Mark talks to Joe Pappalardo, Senior News Editor of Popular Mechanics, and gets the details on how entrepreneurs are conquering the final frontier.
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