139 minutes | Jun 11th 2012

'Best Of' The American Entrepreneur Featuring Mark Murphy, Chris Posti and Robert Litan

Robert Litan joins The American Entrepreneur, to discuss his findings on the hiring and employee retention rates among startups, and whether or not this trend will continue as we enter the second dip of the recession. Plus, The American Entrepreneur talks with one of the foremost leadership consultants in the country, Mark Murphy, about his new book, “Hiring For Attitude”, an in-depth look at the things you should be doing to ensure that the attitudes of your prospective hires match the goals of your company. Finally, The decision and the process of terminating an employee who just isn’t working out for your company is one of the toughest experiences an entrepreneur will have when running a business. Even if it seems like termination is a no-brainer in a particular case, there are still layers of pain, guilt, complexity, and empathy that the business owner needs to suffer through in order to improve the company in the long run. The American Entrepreneur, along with Chris Posti of Posti and Associates, a human resources consultant who provides outplacement services and executive coaching, talk about the process of terminating an employee, why it IS so difficult, and some tactics that you can use to ease the pain.
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