46 minutes | Jan 6, 2021

The Amber Clave Season 3 Episode 4

The knot finally gets to have a shopping episode!GM: MeganPlayers: Aser as Rigel Sloan, Landan as Garrett, and Shaunna as Rafaella StelMusic by Rob Anderson. Logo by Taylor Livingston. Editing and Production by Lucas - check out his show Ballad of the Seven Dice!If you want to hear the latest news about the show and keep up with what's going on in the world of Numenera, check us out on Twitter @amberclave or go to our website. You can now join us on the Redacted Files discord!Special thanks to our Agent+ patrons: Ben, Bernie, Chris, Denise, Eric, Fandible, John, Jonn, LordTentacle, Nyssa, Patrick, Slacker Initiative, Skie Borne Stories, Stuart, Terryann, and Tom.The Amber Clave is a member of The Redacted Files Podcast Network! Find more from us on our other shows:The Redacted Files - A multisystem Actual Play PodcastFirefly Podcast- a Firefly Actual Play PodcastGold Wings, Black Skies- a streamed Tachyon Squadron showDeniable Operations - a community content feedOther sound credits:Crystal Valley, Dark Places Uneasy Nightfall - Platemail Games http://platemailgames.com/  Cocktails And Lobsters by Alexander NakaradaLicense: https://filmmusic.io/standard-licenseHarmful or Fatal, Jellyfish in Space - Kevin Macleod  License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license
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