56 minutes | May 16th 2018

TAE 065: Judolaunch Founder Chris Rawlings Talks About How He Created His 7 Figure Amazon FBA Business And Why He Created Judolaunch

Hey guys!

First off, brief warning of some colorful language from Chris in this episode! :) Also, the audio isn’t perfect as Chris is currently at an incubator in Shanghai so couldn’t get a room, hence there is a bit of background noise.

Right so today I have Judolaunch founder Chris Rawlings on the show and he has a pretty incredible story for how he got to selling on Amazon and then how he transitioned into creating Judolaunch. More on Judolaunch later! What I really loved about Chris is how transparent and honest he is about both his successes and failures and I find that it’s rare to have that kind of candid transparency!

We go over so much and here are some of the highlights:

  • How Chris started his Amazon business
  • His major challenges as he grew so rapidly
  • What Judolaunch was created and how they can help you launch in overseas markets

Judolaunch is a platform that provides all the services you need to launch your products in foreign markets and they specifically help with:

  • Build and optimize listing (native language listing
  • Launching
  • Automate (native language customer service)

Fun fact I also learned in this episode: New Zealand there are 7 times as many sheep as humans!

And so if you want to try out Judolaunch you will receive a 15% discount off any package and service you choose by clicking here or going to: 


Hope you enjoyed the episode!

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