28 minutes | Mar 5, 2021

Episode 130: The Story We Tell Others

Welcome back to the show brothers! Today I will be expanding on last week's topic of the stories we tell ourselves, and getting into how these become the stories we tell others. The response to that episode was so enthusiastic that I thought it best to delve a bit deeper into this resonant issue. As you probably already know, everything in the physical world of form begins with a story, and so is central to how we live out our lives.

To start off, we look at the important truths that make up the foundation of our realities, and this comes down to how stories constantly inform our existence. The universal truth, as I have said many times before, is based on the neutrality of all circumstances. While the human experience might be an emotional one, without our perception of it, the world is a blank canvas, neither positive nor negative. It is time to take this momentous leap, where we take control of our stories, and thus our reality! 

The story is always cognitive, and it is always about ourselves. Even our stories about others are about us, and likewise, the stories we tell others are not for them but are part of our interior world. Fitting these ideas into the model of alignment will unlock a power to express your true self and dreams, and live out the alpha life you have always wanted, or never even dared dream about!

It thus becomes clear that any meaningful change in our lives starts with our own story. And here's the key brothers: if you want the actions of your 'movie' to be different you have to rewrite the script. You cannot make a movie that has not been written and does not have proper direction. Only then can it be acted out and become the reality of your everyday existence. So join me today, as we begin this powerful and metamorphic journey, starting from within.

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