23 minutes | Feb 26, 2021

Episode 129: The Story You Tell Yourself

It is good to be back brothers, and it is even better that I have you with me on this incredible journey. Let’s cut to the chase: the matrix has you. Yes, the Matrix has you. This episode marks the end of our relationship theme, but let it be said: we cannot be in life without being in relation to something or someone, and that includes the Matrix.

Where am I getting at with all this? We need to first understand what that Matrix is, which is the story you tell yourself about yourself. Friends, everything begins with an individual or collective story, and from there you find the evidence to support your story with a psychological term called confirmation bias. 

The important work that I do is to teach my students how to write their own story, and to escape conditioning where others are writing your story for you. In this episode, I talk about how this happens, and more specifically, how you can take your power back. Just remember, it’s the story that holds everything together, and it’s that same story that manifests our effect.

Brothers, only you know who you are in expression of form; not me. But listen up. I’m here to tell you that you’re a creator; the most powerful organic being on this planet. Fish breathe underwater, birds fly in the sky, and you my friend, create the world we know as reality. So when you are creating your story, your reality, and you want to change its course, you have to start with a different input to get a different output.

So I’m offering you a process that is split into four parts. Number one: bringing consciousness to unconsciousness. Number two: separate the story from the facts. Number three, ask: does the story serve me? Step five: change the story. Brothers, walk beside me as we follow the steps to write the story we each deserve. 

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