30 minutes | Feb 19, 2021

Episode 128: Love Languages 2.0

Love and relationships are a central part of what we work with here at the Alpha Male Coach podcast, and no matter where you are in your relationship journey, understanding how to navigate these spaces is of vital importance to the elevation of your alpha. I have spoken about the love languages before, and am returning to this topic today to do things a little differently. What I really want for you, brother, is to find freedom, love, and self-confidence!

I start off today's exploration by differentiating between love and lust so that we can get clear on what we are really talking about. Lust is an excessive fixation on the external, which is clearly an illusion. Remember blood, the external world is perfect and lust exists only in the realm of form, the illusion is the idea of the form and possessing it. As I have often said, you cannot possess people and things, so we need to separate a desire for sex and the imagery of lust. This illusion is a false reality, it does not exist, it a distraction and the ghost of prior generations.

This brings us to the five love languages, namely physical touch, words of affirmation, gift-giving, acts of service, and quality time. I want you to look at these a little differently and start to think about how you can give as much of each of these as possible without any expectation. Remember my brothers, we are the first men, and as an Alpha Man, we need to master ourselves and step out of the illusions of lust, wealth, and power! Love is the knowledge of oneness, understanding the perfection of reality, and by living through the laws of love you can bring peace to the world and yourself.

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