27 minutes | Feb 12, 2021

Episode 127: Trust 2.0

One of the foundation elements of relationships is trust. And since relationships are a foundational aspect of life, we can see the importance that trust has in living meaningfully and truthfully. We are always in relationships, whether it be with other things and people, or more importantly, with ourselves. These two facts of the concept of trust are what I will be exploring today, and how trust in ourselves contributes to that all-important indomitable self-confidence.

There is a counterintuitive quality to the way we trust others. Like so many things related to the universal truth, trust in others has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with ourselves! In the end, the trust we have in others is a subjective story we tell others, and is begging us to remember the universal truth, brothers! These stories we tell ourselves about others' words and actions become a prison for them, and when they want to break free from this, we call it a betrayal. 

The true value of trust, and how it can be used in healthy and aligned ways is through self-discovery and personal evolution. If there is a person that you can actually have a firm belief in it is most definitely yourself, brother. This again comes back to self-confidence and that trust in self is what will help you build that! We need to avoid the confirmation biases that emerge from our conditioning and inform how we interpret others, this leads to fear and pain and is not in line with the universal truth.

What I am saying here brothers, is not that you should not trust anyone. In fact, I want you to trust everyone, but that trust is in the universal truth and not in the stories you create about others. The events that occur in relationships are not outcomes, they are experiences, and we need to use boundaries and the reality of existence to live in harmony with others. When we do not do this, we live in fear of what our thoughts about something will make us feel, which is a classic behavior of the beta mind. The only way to make permanent change is through a real shift in thinking, and that starts here!

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