25 minutes | Feb 5, 2021

Episode 126: Alpha Male Tenets 3 & 4

Welcome back, my brother! Today I continue my exploration of the alpha male tenets, looking at tenets number three and four. Both of these have to do with circumstance and mastering these will, in essence, aid you in finding abundant goodness and letting go of what does not exist! In order to break through our limitations and make actual progress, we need to get into a more open system, and these tenets are what allow us to do that.

There are many more than just the four tenets I am focussing on in this mini-series of shows. But if you can take the lessons from this episode and the previous one, you will be on the right path to seeing things more clearly. Tenet number three states that we see things as we are and not as they are. This has to do with perception and reality, and the reality is that we live in a world made up of cells and molecules that our senses allow us to interpret and make meaning from. Our interpretation is not reality and is conditioned by our past, when in fact there is no separation in the way that we usually perceive.

Tenet four can be quite a challenging one to internalize as it deals with the truth of the past and present. The truth is that everything that has happened, happened as it should have, and the proof of this is in the fact that it happened in that way! I know this can be tricky, but realizing the past is perfect is a profound form of acceptance and empowerment. Resistance to this will always cause suffering, and letting our perception get in the way of the gift of the present is a tragedy.

These tenets come down to the choice to accept perfection and the universal truth. It means taking control of your subjective experience and getting away from a life ruled by fear and worry. So listen in today with me, brother, as I break it down!

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