33 minutes | Feb 18th 2021

NCS 008: Should Your Clients Be Tracking Macros?

In today’s episode, Jason and Tommy discuss the constant debate of tracking macros. They go over the importance of quality and quantity of macros, as well as micronutrients, and the timing of consuming both. One of the most important coaching tips they talk about is meeting clients where they are at in their nutrition journey while determining their ultimate goal. If you’ve ever questioned the importance of tracking or counting macros, this episode will help you discover the best way to decide what is best for your clients!   In this episode you will learn: Understanding Macros quality and quantity Deciding if counting macros is right for clients Knowing where your clients are at in their Nutrition journey Tracking Macros as an educational tool Becoming a great coach Connect with Tommy! @tclarkmedia |  @tclarknutrition | YouTube   Connect with me! @jasonphillipsisnutrition |  @nutritionalcoachinginstitute | YouTube   If you’re a current Nutrition, Fitness, Health & Wellness Coach, or striving to be one in the next 6 months, check out the Nutrition Coaching Secrets Facebook Group!   Free Training: https://ncicoachingformula.com
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