30 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

NCS 006: Nutritional Periodization Explained

If you are a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, or involved in the Health and Wellness Coaching world, this episode is for you! Fellow NCI coach, Tommy joins Jason to discuss the importance of periodization in today’s podcast. Accomplishing success with clients can be tricky. Tommy and Jason both share amazing tips and life experiences that can help make it an easier process. Three main topics that NCI has instilled in their coaching processes are: 1. Having a system: “Triangle of awareness”,  2. Nutritional periodization, and  3. Emphasis on recovery. With so many different athletes, in different seasons, and with different goals; it is truly amazing how these coaches are able to take the correct steps to get clients to their ultimate goal!    In this episode you will learn: 3 main tools for success Periodization of nutrition based on season Living in truth to help clients Connect with Tommy! @tclarkmedia | @tclarknutrition | YouTube   Connect with Me! @jasonphillipsisnutrition | @nutritionalcoachinginstitute | YouTube   If you’re a current Nutrition, Fitness, Health & Wellness Coach, or striving to be one in the next 6 months, check out the Nutrition Coaching Secrets Facebook Group! Free Training: https://ncicoachingformula.com
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