2 minutes | May 5th 2018

The Air Bud Pawdcast – Air Bud Pawdcast Supercut

Don't call it a comeback! Leon here. More insane than anything the Air Bud Cinematic Universe could contain, is that I needed to use Pawdcast content to apply for a job. Thus the supercut was born. Listen to the woes, woahs and wows as our team discover the unique gravity of watching 14 children's films of varying quality. Re-listening to the entire series reminded me of what a blast it all was. Wish me luck, and if anyone wants to pay me to make podcasts, get in touch. It feels like home to say this again: Love and dunks, everyone! Facebook: facebook.com/airbudpawdcast Instagram: @airbudpawdcast Twitter: @airbudpawdcast
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