21 minutes | Jul 23rd 2018

A Future with AI

Many have dystopian projections of what our future with AI will look like, but professionals working in AI see things differently. For some, our future with AI may simply mean more free time and cheaper access to quality services.


We check in with Jordan Fisher, Daniel Gross, Natacha Mainville and JF Gagné who together paint a picture of what a not-so-distant future might look, especially in retail and insurance. They may not know exactly what the year 2050 will look like, but they are hopeful.

Featured in this episode:

  • Daniel Gross, Partner at Y Combinator and Head of the AI Track
  • Natacha Mainville, Chief Innovation Officer at TandemLaunch
  • Jordan Fisher, CEO at Standard Cognition
  • JF Gagné, CEO of Element AI

Mentioned in the episode: