49 minutes | Apr 17, 2014

Episode 31: Nick Jaffe

From 2006-2009 Nick Jaffe sailed a 26-foot sailboat from Europe to Australia, via the Atlantic ocean, Rocky Mountains & Pacific, a total of 743 days - not letting a few minor details get in the way of his plans, like the fact that he had no money, and didn’t know how to sail. He did it - mostly - solo. Last year he sailed from San Francisco to Sydney in his boat Harmony. His website says he is interested in independent small business, meaningful living, decentralisation, freedom, non-corporatism, transparency, community oriented economies, creativity, solo sailing, the ocean, risk, and wildness. Nick and I have been in touch since 2010, and he kindly hosts my website on his Serversaurus servers. If you look at their website you’ll see that they will plant a tree for every like and follow they get, which says a lot about the way Nick does business. He also created an earlier website for me, and I used a special app he had created to allow me to send Tweets from the Pacific - it’s surprisingly complicated to post Tweets from the ocean - and his Nomaddica app that allowed supporters to sponsor a mile of my Indian Ocean crossing. Nick has always been an absolute pleasure to work with, so I was delighted to welcome him to the Adventure Podcast.  
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