40 minutes | Mar 26, 2014

Episode 28: Reza Pakravan

Reza was born in Iran. After retiring from semi-professional basketball 13 years ago, he has cycled the entire Annapurna Circuit in the Nepalese Himalayas and the full length of the Caspian Sea. In 2011, Reza set the record for the fastest crossing of the Sahara on a bicycle, from Algeria to Sudan. It took him a little over 13 days to cover 1,084 miles. When I first met Reza he was still working as a financial analyst in London, and preparing for his next big challenge. Last year he and his colleague Steve Pawley attempted to break the speed record for cycling 11,000 miles from Kapp to Cape, from Norway to South Africa, through 21 countries. Malaria, food poisoning, dehydration and cockroaches got in their way, but it still makes for an epic adventure.  Both expeditions were to raise money to build schools in Madagascar.
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