38 minutes | Jun 29, 2021

#138: Dad Connection with Ryan North

Dad Connection: Join us this month as we hear from foster and adoptive dads. Ryan and his wife Kayla have 6 children. They spent 10 years as foster parents and learned many of the things they share with families, churches, and schools just being a family. He is the co-founder of One Big Happy Home and is considered an expert on childhood trauma and its impacts. Listen in as Ryan shares about how God brought them to adoption and his journey from traditional parenting to connected parenting. Click here to download a transcript for this episode. Relevant Links One Big Happy Home Website Connect with Ryan on Facebook Connect with Ryan on Instagram Dad’s Mentoring Group The Connected Child* by Karyn Purvis The Connected Parent* by Lisa Qualls and Karyn Purvis How Children Raise Parents* by Dan Allender #87: The Impact of Prenatal Trauma on Children with Stacey Gagnon *This is an affiliate link
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