40 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Leveraging Technology and Perfecting Workflow with Clint Haynes

In this episode, Steve talks with Clint Haynes, CFP and Founder of NextGen Wealth in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. A self-proclaimed early-adopter, Clint stresses the importance of leveraging technology and creating efficiencies. Clint has worked in the financial services industry for more than 20 years. He spent the first few years of his career cold-calling potential clients day-in and day-out. Those years of conversation helped Clint hone his ability to build meaningful relationships and connect with clients on a deeper level. A desire for geographical independence prompted Clint to branch out and start his own firm. Not just an investment manager, Clint leans on both his virtual assistant and the various efficiencies he’s built to save time and, in turn, provide each client with a truly holistic financial plan. Clint and Steve discuss why technology moves the needle, how digital marketing has accelerated Clint’s growth, and the three questions Clint asks himself before making any business decisions.  “I wouldn’t be able to do all of this if I didn’t hire somebody, unless I integrated technology as efficiently as possible. And so, it plays a huge role. And plus, there are lots of things that I’m not very good at or don’t want to do that technology takes off my plate as well. What I really enjoy doing with clients is the relationship, sitting down with clients, having conversations.” ~ Clint Haynes, CFP Main Takeaways  Technology allows Clint to run his solo practice as efficiently as possible without hiring full-time employees. The workflows he’s built allow for time-saving automation, and should Clint ever leave the practice or need someone to take over, there are processes in place to make that transition smooth and seamless. Clint has leveraged digital marketing to launch his practice. He targets keywords that optimize his site when users search for financial planners in the Lee’s Summit area. Clint sees his business like a restaurant – dependent on online reviews and referrals.  It’s important to constantly tweak existing workflows to meet clients’ ever-changing needs and an ever-changing industry. Clint has learned to treat every client like family. This reminds him to always act with their best interest in mind and provide options wherever possible. Before making any business decision, Clint asks himself 1) Will this have a positive impact on my family and be worth my time? 2) Is this worth it for my business? and 3) Is this best for my clients? Links and Important Mentions NextGen Wealth Clint on LinkedIn Wealthbox Acuity Scheduling MailChimp Vidyard Loom Citrix ShareFile Subscribe and Stay in Touch Apple Podcasts Spotify Steve on LinkedIn Follow Buckingham Strategic Partners  on Twitter
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