55 minutes | Nov 16, 2020

25. Neutralizing/Mitigating EMF's, 5G, & Geopathic Stress with Somavedic

In this interview with Somavedic CEO, Juraj Kocar, we discuss: what are the Somavedic products and how to they mitigate EMF’s, 5G, and geopathic stress, why EMF’s, 5G and geopathic stress can be harmful to the body, what makes Somevedic different from other EMF mitigating products, customer testimonials and how the Somavedic can also restructure water and help kill viruses, bacteria and mold in the body and environment.Interview Links:Somavedic Medic Green UltraSomavedic MedicSomavedic Amber Somavedic Customer TestimonialsSomavedic Discount Code: LEIGHANNWhere to Find Somavedic:WebsiteInstagramWhere to Find Me:WebsiteInstagram
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