49 minutes | Oct 28th 2020

Finding Your Ideal Client And Charging Them What You Want With Eric Green

One of the frustrations many accountants have, especially those who are still new to the space, is finding the right clients. It can feel like you have no control of who you are working with and can’t really charge them the way you actually want. In this bonus episode, Michelle Weinstein is joined by the managing partner of Green & Sklarz, LLCEric Green, to share with us how you can move past this dilemma and thrive in your practice. Eric demonstrates how he went from charging $500 for a consult fee to $1,500. Together with it, he taps into the importance of having the proper money mindset and how you can go all-in on your expertise. He also introduces his webinars and coaching programs that you can join in, adding more tools to your toolbelt.

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