59 minutes | Sep 4th 2020

282: Six Keys to Fitness Success

Over the years, I find myself thinking more and more about the basics. The truth is if you have been around fitness for a few years, it's likely you know everything you need to know to achieve outstanding results. Even a quick flip through one of my beginner books will provide enough information for years of progress.

The problem is, there is a bit of joy in thinking you are not privy to the truth, that a lack of information is what's holding you back. If only you knew about the secret supplement, exercise, or "advanced" training technique. The abundance of information available today plays into this. There are always new podcasts, articles, videos, etc. to check out. It's easy to have fitness FOMO. Look, I love that there is so much fitness information available today. I wish I had access to it when I started. But, the point to remember is, nothing replaces the work. The content most of us should be chasing is how to develop good habits, master the fundamentals, and consistently work hard. If you do that, the results will speak for themselves.

Dave Draper has an awesome quote in his book Brother Iron Sister Steel, "The simple and commonplace, due to their ordinary nature, are almost always reduced in importance and misplaced."

Brother Iron, Sister Steel is what we are going to talk about today.  In chapter two of the book, he lays out the following six keys. He actually called it the six keys to bodybuilding success, but bodybuilding in a more general sense. All of these tips apply to fitness as a whole. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


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