21 minutes | Oct 31st 2020

#1: The Who, What, Where & Why of our Podcast

In this debut episode of The ABA & OT Podcast, Mandy and Aditi discuss the goals of the podcast which center on inter-professional collaboration, education on challenging behavior, and having conversations on the wealth of intersections between the two fields. Mandy tells the story of her daughter's autism which sparked her interest in applied behavioral analysis (ABA). Similarly, Aditi also shares her journey in occupational therapy (OT) and her goal to treat her son's ADHD. The two then discuss how they realized their common goals and agreed to start this podcast. HIGHLIGHTS 00:31 The ABA & OT Podcast: What it is and what it's not 05:41 Meeting Mandy: Her journey to understand her daughter's autism  13:55 Meeting Aditi: Her quest to treat her son's ADHD  16:19 Realizing a common goal and starting the podcast  RESOURCES Join our The ABA and OT Podcast Facebook Group to get access to the following resources: - The History of ABA and OT complete with links and videos Facebook group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/397478901376425 QUOTES 01:28 "Like so many things that are valued but difficult to attain, such as fine wine or even marriage, effective teamwork, collaboration is an art as much as it is science. It requires a great deal of practice, patience, and nurturing to flourish."  03:26 "What does it mean when she says Johnny needs proprioceptive input? Or when a behavior therapist discusses the importance of differential reinforcement? Whether you're a behavior therapist or an OT, we want to make your life easier." 11:28 "The consequence matters. In other words, what happens after a behavior determines if it's going to happen again." 18:20 "As I start to read more and learn from you, I start to get really excited about the underpinnings of OT, and really, how our vision is the same and that is to engage people in meaningful pursuits and to help people overcome obstacles."
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