51 minutes | Aug 17, 2015

A3K Podcast: Prison School: The Great Bad Anime Debate

Title:  Prison School: The Great Bad Anime Debate Subtitle: Hate-watching terrible anime. Why the hell is Prison School even a thing?! Episode: 131 Runtime: 1:20:10 Recording Date: August 16, 2015 Panel: David J. Majors , Marc Huber, Mr. Sean McRussell Headlines The animation in episode 5 of Dragon Ball Super was...a little controversial. Around the A3K Horn Marc & David have been watching the new anime "Prison School". Why? Well, David doesn't know why. That's why he dropped it. Can Marc make a case for continuing? And is watching shlocky trashy anime okay? Consumption Chronicles Marc: Gate. There will be an anime exchange between Marc & David for God-Eater and Gate. Sean: Legend of Arslan, Durarara! after Otakon, David: Now that I'm done with Prison School, I've gone back to God-Eater & Legend of Arslan. Will also be watching AAA Triplemania, to see if Lucha Libre is really worth it. Marc: A brand new episode of the Mega Anime Ultra Show is out! Sean: We're looking for YOU! If you have a blog or a podcast, talk to Sean on Twitter or at srussell@anime3000.com. David: Send Jack a tweet at @JackDTylerD with a reminder that her YouTube Channel named YOSHI STAR SPIRIT is the best. And remember to mention the name the name.
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