82 minutes | Jul 27, 2015

A3K Podcast: Isis-Chan, Otakon & Everything In Between

Has Ani-Twitter created a weapon to fight global terror? Plus, Sean Russell's fresh takes from Otakon   Title:  Isis-Chan, Otakon & Everything in between Subtitle: Has Ani-Twitter created a weapon to fight global terror? Episode: 128 Runtime: 1:21:32 Recording Date: July 25, 6pm EST Panel: David J. Majors , Jack Dalton Allistar,  Mega Anime Ultra Marc, Sean Russell   Headlines Japanese Fans Rank Anime & Manga with Most Shocking Endings Behold! Ani-Twitter's latest masterpiece--Isis-Chan!   Around the A3K Horn A3K Head Honcho Sean Russell on the ground and on the scene from Otakon 2015~! Consumption Chronicles: Marc: JoJo!! It’s the greatest 70s and 80s music reference drinking game. And all the new stuff. GATE is great. Food Wars still shines and is only getting better, and Himouto! Umaru-chan gets my vote for wackiest light comedy show this season. Also PIXELS - buy the ticket for Peter Dinklage alone. Jack: Gittin’ gud with Under Night: In Birth. Or trying. Come FIGHT me, people! Trying (& failing to get my weekly speeddraw streamed in some way. I watched the first episode of Kyousogiga, & that is all that I needed. I felt motion sick, but also fulfilled. Local bookstore had a Buy Two Get One Free thing, so I bought a small mountain of true crime & victorian novels & a smaller pile of manga. Tokyo Babylon, Blue Exorcist, some good ol’ Kaori Yuki & Monster Infirmary. One of these things is not like the other... David: The show that will be the topic of It’s In Season----Prison School. I’m, as they say in the business, saving it for the show.  God Eater is still good. Sean: Watching Durarara, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Gangasta. and Gate, Ushio and To
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