28 minutes | May 1, 2020

127: How to Tell a Story Through Your Marketing

Everyone wants their marketing to be memorable and engaging, but let’s face it, creating a message that people remember can be difficult. Even when you’re the most qualified clinician in your city, often your practice can still be overlooked. It’s frustrating. How do you find the right words to better stick in patients’ minds? Memorable marketing forms around a simple concept: storytelling.   Read the Article: https://s8e8.com/articles/how-to-tell-a-story-through-your-marketing   The 8E8 (pronounced “88”) Show is the internet's only dental show that's talking about what matters most in marketing. The 8E8 Show is hosted by owner and CEO Joshua Scott and his team at Studio 8E8.   Studio 8E8 is Dentistry's Story-Driven Marketing Agency. Learn more about our approach to marketing at S8E8.COM
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