61 minutes | Jun 17, 2021

Ep. 37: The Power of Turmeric with Expert and Chiropractor, Dr. Fabio Stefano.

"Our turmeric formulation is the first and only product to provide 100% turmeric root nutrition." - Dr. Di StefanoDr. Di Stefano is the doctor and creator behind Dr. D's supplements, and he is the founder and CEO of PROMEDX Therapeutics Inc. (pain and wellness treatment center). He is an accomplished kinesiologist, chiropractor, and certified accupuncturist who has been practicing over fifteen years with a focus on chronic pain and inflammation. He recently authored the book, The Power of Turmeric, where he shares the well-established research on turmeric along with its many health benefits. Learn more about Dr. Di Stefano and order supplements hereFollow Dr. D on instagram, FacebookIn this episode, we discuss:- his book, The Power of Turmeric- the difference between curcumin & turmeric- acute vs. chronic inflammation- how chronic inflammation impacts our health negatively- symptoms we may experience with chronic inflammation- anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle- turmeric health benefits, research, what it is, why it works- how much turmeric do we need?  What form is best?  When to take for best absorption- who should not take turmeric- how his supplements are formulated, how they are different & optimal over others- research on turmeric and cancer prevention- turmeric and hormonal regulation with menopause, & prevention of classic menopausal symptoms- vitamin D benefits, deficiency symptoms, and importance of vitamin D3 with K2- hemp seed oil, benefits, uses, and why we should start supplementing with itLISTEN/SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST:All Episodes:  The 5-Minute NP PodcastCONNECT WITH ME!👩‍⚕️Website: https://the5minutenp.com/👩‍⚕️Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The5MinuteNP👩‍⚕️Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_the5minutenp_/👩‍⚕️Twitter: https://twitter.com/MinuteNp👩‍⚕️Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimberly-ottensmeyer-3bb6991a9/New to me, The 5-Minute NP?Hello! I'm Kimberly, and I am a family nurse practitioner (FNP)! In my last year of FNP school, I was in the worse shape of my life mentally and physically! My joints ached all over, and I had severe back pain that made it difficult to get through my clinical rotations! I had three spinal injections that were of little help! I was stressed out, sleep deprived, depressed, and my body was full of inflammation! Once I completed school, passed my boards, I realized I had to try to get my health back! I changed to a plant-based diet, starting walking, completed a 100-mile, 10- day challenge, started sleeping, changed my mindset, and through it all, I found my purpose (other than being a mom to four beautiful children)! Everything I was learning about health, wellness, mindset, & longevity, I wanted to share with everyone else, so I started The 5-Minute NP. I realized  small, incremental health changes were actually life changing!Welcome to The 5-Minute NP Podcast!I am glad you are here!Kimberly ✨👩‍⚕️
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