4 minutes | Oct 19, 2014

The Calm Before The Storm

So a few days ago I published my introduction post and a video to discussed why I'm doing the 30 days of discipline program. In this post I thought I'd mentioned how I'm preparing my mind and allowing myself to have that "one last time" moment with some of the things I will be sacrificing over the next 30 days. Last night I went to a wedding so it wasn't difficult to be snacking on crackers and eating cake by the end of the night. Brendalyn (My girlfriend) & I actually met some cool new people so we met up with them and some other people from the wedding to have some drinks, which actually kept us out until 1am. Since I plan to be waking up at 5am every day for the next 30 days I knew this would be one of the last opportunities I'd have to do this. This morning I didn't wake up till 10am so it will be the last time for a while I'll be sleeping in like that. I expect at some point I'm going to be rejecting offers to hangout with friends and simply going to bed early by 8:30pm. It's going to be tough at first I imagine but it's not permanent. Check out the video below where I talk about preparing myself for what's to come:
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