41 minutes | Apr 28, 2020

Pillar 2-Writing / Episode 8 – S. M. Stevens

THE 3 PILLARS – SERIES 2 Pillar 2 – Writing Episode 8 – S M Stevens Guest Speaker – S. M. Stevens After many years as a business writer, S.M. Stevens found the time to pen her first novel when a pelvis broken in 3 places absolved her from housework and chauffering the kids around for several months. The result was her middle-grade novel Shannon’s Odyssey, written for her animal-loving daughter Natalie. A year later, she found herself in treatment for cancer and, while not working at her paid marketing job, wrote the first of the Bit Players series. Bit Players was written for Stevens’s daughter Gabrielle, to fill the void of fiction for musical theatre-loving teens. The YA series now has three books, and appeals to all teens not just drama-loving ones. Read more at http://www.BitPlayers.me. Her newest novel (thankfully not prompted by another health crisis!) is Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, a novel for all ages, which follows Shelby and Astrid through the early years of their careers at a Boston PR firm. Shelby grapples with recovered memories of childhood incest, and Astrid struggles with workplace harassment that morphs from flirting to attempted rape. S. M. Stevens Contact Info Website : https://authorsmstevens.com/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/SMStevens17 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSMStevens HOST – CHRISELDA BARRETTO Check out her blog: chriselda.blog Sign up for future Podcast Episodes, Books and ART-IS-IN here Contact her at: https://chriselda.blog/contact/ chriselda.barretto@gmail.com Link to her books: https://chriselda.blog/category/my-books/ Signup / Reminder notification for future Podcast Episodes Get “The 3 Pillars” App: –  http://mobincube.mobi/56ISNI Get “The 3 Pillars” ALEXA App CHRISELDA BARRETTO – SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Facebook Author Page Amazon Author Page Twitter      Facebook     YouTube Tumblr    Linkedin     Instagram     Goodreads Author Page  Links to the 3 Pillars Podcast OTHER PROJECTS BY CHRISELDA BARRETTO Chriselda’s Blog ART-IS-IN Chriselda’s Books Chriselda’s Articles Chriselda’s Quotes “The 3 Pillars” Podcast Get 10% off your Cambridge mask Get 10% off your Cambridge Mask
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