9 minutes | Mar 10th 2018

Put Yourself First

READ this post (7min): What does putting yourself first really mean? Putting yourself first has nothing to do with being selfish. Instead, it is about living your life in a way which enables you to achieve and maintain balance and well-being. Many of us are really bad at putting ourselves first Every day in every way, I see examples of people not putting themselves first – and mum's are especially like this, because of their nurturing and caring role for the family. Why is it important to put yourself first? By putting yourself first, it is possible to achieve and maintain balance and well-being in your life. If you don’t put yourself first, you will put others ahead of you, and this will detract from your own balance. There are lots of ways to put yourself first - and if you are serious on doing so, then join my 3 keys holistic health and fitness program at www.h360.online
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